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Renting out your home
the way it suits you best

Would you like to rent out your house with a professional rental agency? There are certain matters to take into consideration and it’s important to these matters are taking care of by a professional and experienced organisation As a landlord you don’t want to have to deal with open house viewings, screening potential tenants and complicated legal agreements. With great enthusiasm, a no-nonsense mentality and a client-first approach, we take care of all rental arrangements regarding your home.

Of course you can always contact us if you have any questions or in case you need any advice.

1. Let’s Get Acquainted

As a landlord, you want to know who you will be dealing with and get to know the agency which will market your home. During an introductory meeting, we’ll discuss all the ins-and-outs regarding the rental process. We will also visit and view your property and determine the best possible strategy .

2. Renting Out Your Property

If you are convinced about the fact that Finke Makelaars is the right party to take care of renting out your property, we will provide professional photos, good descriptionary texts and choose the right channels to showcase your property on.

3. Searching the Perfect Tenant

As soon as your home gets online – for example on Funda or Pararius – we won’t just lean back and wait for the tenant to knock on our door. We will actively look for the right match for you and your property in stead.

4. It’s a Match!

If we have found possible suitable candidates to rent your home, the next step is to find that one candidate that stands out. Through thorough screenings and organising open house viewings we’ll find which of them is the perfect match for you. If the perfect match is not among them, we’ll continue our search for the right tenant. Just make to sure to eliminate all doubt.

5. The Rental Agreement

Whether we’re dealing with a Dutch tenant or an expat, we ensure a correct rental agreement, with the maximum return for you as a landlord. The agreement is always signed in Dutch. This is legally the most reliable Of course, we will take care of a one-to-one English translation if necessary.

6. Finally Home

As soon as all financial matters have been settled, such as the first month’s rent and a one-time deposit, we will arrange the key handover to the new tenant(s). Of course we are happy to do this for you. But of course you can be present in case you wish to be so!

Following the handover, we will take care of a home inspection report, including photos and notes, so we can exclude any doubts about who’s responsible for flaws and defects.

7. Always Glad to Help

Once everything has been dealt with, and you and the tenant are both happy, that’s not just the end of it. You’re always welcome to knock on our door if you have questions or need any assistance.

Team Finke

Finally Home!

Finke Makelaars is a passionate and committed rental agency where both tenants and landlords feel at home. Our professional rental agents stand for personal, reliable and a transparent guidance in renting and letting residential spaces. With great enthusiasm, a no-nonsense mentality and a client-first approach, we take care of all rental arrangements regarding your home. We always look for the best possible match between tenant and landlord.

Do you have any questions, comments or are there any ambiguities? Our door is always open in case you need any help.

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